Naviga FSR-V World Championships
Slovenia 2004

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The race lake at Velenje.

The original race lake used in the 1996 & 2000 World Championships no longer exists. The Championship this time
 took place on the main lake.
The lake was seriously affected by changing wind conditions and could vary from very
 rough to calm during the same series of heats.
In some rough water heats it was not possible to race fast enough to
have the chance of qualifying for a final.
Good fortune did smile on the finals with calm conditions all day.


Dieter Smeets congratulates Christoph Schneider
 after his 3.5cc win.

 Pitman Frank Werner with Christoph.


After leading the 3.5cc final until the last couple of minutes Mauro Bragheri runs out of fuel.
This miscalculation cost Mauro the World Championship leaving him in 6th place.


CH takes the plunge after winning the Junior 7.5cc final


Congratulations after the win

Sigurd and CH


The engines of the first four finishers are always measured after a final.