Peterborough 07/04/2013


3.5cc Podium
1st Robert Daniel
2nd Nigel Smith, 3rd Dave Marles (not shown)


7.5cc Podium
1st Mark Wraight
2nd Mick Fields, 3rd Steve Clements

15cc Podium
1st Ian Folkson
2nd Terry Holmes, 3rd Mike Broad (Not shown)


SI Podium
1st Ian Folkson
2nd Dave Hole, 3rd Jamie Miller

Mikey Hillstead

Top Junior.


Mikey Hillstead 15cc.

Andrew Buonaiuto has built a geared 90.


New design 90 boat from James Taylor of TaylorMadeBoats


Dave Marles with his newly built 27cc SI in a Tornado 5.2 hull.




We were lucky, despite the recent very cold weather it was a pleasant day with plenty of sunshine.


Julian Waumsley


7.5cc winner, Mark Wraight


Winner of 3.5cc race, Robert Daniel


Martin Fields 7.5cc

Jamie Miller SI.