Peterborough 25th March 2012


3.5cc Podium
1st Mark Wraight
2nd Gary Wraight, 3rd Steve Clements.


7.5cc Podium
1st Sam Lincoln
2nd Steve Clements, 3rd Mick Szebeko.


15cc Podium
1st James Taylor
2nd Mike Broad, 3rd Andy Payne


SI Podium
1st Mark Wraight
2nd Dave Clay, 3rd Dave Hird (Not present).


Martin Hilstead won the "Stig" cockup of the day trophy for running over a
 dead boat, then turning round and running over it again.

A nice warm sunny day for late March


Good to see Dave Wardle return to boating.

Mick Fields getting ready.


Good launch of Mike Lawson's Costa 15 by fellow
boater from Hull, Mike Gelson..



New 7.5cc hull for 2012 from PMB boats, looked good in the race, stable and fast.



They are breeding already, another Pulsar of Robert Daniel


New 7.5cc Pulsar is fitted with a geared VAC45 engine.


Steve Clements, ready to race.


Mark Wraight 3.5cc


Dave Hole 3.5cc.


Ian Folkson ran the new disc valve CMB 27cc



Ian Folkson, Dirkach -CMB 27cc


Winner of the SI race, Mark Wraight.


Mike Lawson, Costa 15cc.


A good run to second place in the 15cc race by Mike Broad with his own design Sabre