Bridlington 23rd September 2012

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3.5cc Podium
1st Mark Wraight
2nd Gary Wraight, 3rd Dave Hole

7.5cc Podium
1st  Julian Waumsley
2nd Ross Waumsley, 3rd Barry Woods.

15cc Podium
1st Dave Wardle
2nd Mike Gelson, 3rd Mark Wraight.


SI Podium
1st Gary Wraight
2nd Gordon Cook, 3rd Dave Hole.


Dave Hole, Spark Ignition.


Gordon Cook, Spark Ignition.


Colin Croxford, Spark Ignition.


Gary Wraight, Spark Ignition.


SI racers.


1st and 2nd in 7.5cc race, Julian and Ross Waumsley.


15cc winner, Dave Wardle(right) with pitman Dave Clay.

 Mick Szebeko taking it easy.


Close launching in 15cc race.


15cc winner, Dave Wardle


Mark Wraight, 15cc


Mike Lawson, 15cc


Mike Gelson, 15cc