Peterborough 28th March 2011


3.5cc Podium
1st Dave Humphries
2nd Dave Marles (not present), 3rd Ian Folkson.


7.5cc Podium
1st James Taylor
3rd Phillip Fields( represented by brother Martin) , 2nd Robert Daniel.


15cc Podium
1st Phillip Fields
3rd Gary Wraight, 2nd Robert Daniel.


SI Podium
1st Ian Folkson
2nd Dave Hole, 3rd Steve Whenham.


A good turnout of competitors for the first regatta of the season.


Julian and Julie Waumsley.


Dave Humphries.


Lots of boats in Team Wraight. Mark, Gary and Sam.


Big smile from Grahame Morgan.


Arunas Vasilius from Lithuania, working in England.


Nigel Smith.


Bring on the girls. Lauren, Lynn and Julie.


Gary Wraight 15cc


Phil Fields and Andy Payne 15cc.


Andy Payne.


Phil Fields and Keith Burgess.


Grahame Morgan and Steve Whenham

Ian Folkson launches his SI boat.


Dave Hird, SI


Gordon Cook, SI.


Dave Hole SI