MPBA(UK) 1/2hr National Championship 2010

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3.5cc Podium
1st Dave Humphries
2nd Robert Daniel, 3rd Andy Payne.


7.5cc Podium
1st Robert Daniel
2nd Ross Waumsley, 3rd Mick Szebeko.


15cc Podium
1st James Taylor
2nd Mark Wraight, 3rd Zak Humphries.


35cc Podium
1st Ian Folkson
2nd Gordon Cook, 3rd Dave Hole.


Ian Folkson 3.5cc


Mark Wraight 3.5cc


Ex racer John Aykroyd was a welcome helper.


Beware of the trains.


Mick Szebeko gains an audience.


Getting ready for the SI race.


Dave Marles SI boat.


Winner of SI class, Ian Folkson.