Peterborough 04/04/2004


3.5cc Podium
1st Bill O'Gara, 2nd James Taylor
 3rd Simon Boyd (not shown)


7.5cc Podium
1st Greg Parmenter, 2nd Robert Daniel
3rd Simon Boyd (not shown)



15cc Podium
1st Ian Folkson, 3rd Steve Baxter
2nd Stuart Hopson (not shown)


James Taylor (Junior) showed a few seniors the way round with his new Iansboats 3.5cc "Fenix"


Dave Marles of Prestwich Models holds his new 15cc  "Tornado EVO4"


Robert Daniel's 15cc Tony Forslund "Blizzard" built new for the 2004 season


Fitted with CMB90 EVO2