Spaarnwoude (Holland) 2002



3.5cc winner
Christoph Schneider with his new Tony Forslund "Falcon"


7.5cc winner.
Robert Daniel with Prestwich "Spyder" and using the new CMB45 Evo 2002 engine.


15cc Winner
Andrew Aykroyd with his original "Tornado", a successful return after 2 years out of racing


35cc winner
Rainer Riedel


3.5cc Podium
1st Christoph Schneider, 3rd Dave Marles,
2nd Armin Hauck


7.5cc Podium
3rd Julian Waumsley, 1st Robert Daniel,
2nd Jurgen Neussel.


15cc Podium
3rd Yvan Costa, 1st Andrew Aykroyd,
2nd Dieter Smeets.
1st 75 laps 4.16 sec, 2nd 75 laps 18.03 sec, 3rd 75 laps 18.55 sec.


35cc Podium
2nd Jurgen Tietze, 1st Rainer Riedel,
3rd S Hild.