Saulxures 2017

3.5cc Podium
1st Zack Humphries
2nd Romain Weigel, 3rd Peter Pulvermueller


7.5cc Podium
1st Mauro Braghieri
2nd Ludo Smeets, 3rd Valter Seljak


15cc Podium
1st Erich Costa
2nd Evert de Ronde Jr, 3rd Tiziano Orsatti


27cc Podium
1st Erich Costa
2nd Cedric Grandvoinnet, 3rd Dave Marles.


Mannfred Lepak receives a special award for his services to
boat racing over many years.


Jean Paul Tisserant receives an award for all
the work he does for the model boating community.

Alain Peneau


Sebastien Rose helped by JPT.

Alexis Oger


3.5cc Peter Bittner

3.5cc Christian Hof


3.5cc Claude Ottenwaelter


3.5cc  Alain Peneau