Ravenna 6 hour team race 2006

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Many thanks to Stanislaw Czarneki for results and photos.


1st Place with 1056 laps
Marcus Schwab, Michael Bertram and Winifred Ott


2nd Place with 1032 laps
Lennart Jerksten, Fredde Cederberg and Mats Angseryd


3rd Place with 1022 laps
Mathias Hof, Joachim Hof and Christian Hof.


4th place with 1015 laps
Dieter Smeets, Ian Folkson and Mauro Braghieri


5th place with 1011 laps
Ludo Smeets, Werner Woytzik and Matthias Foll.


Some of the nice plaques presented to the competitors.