Naviga FSR-V World Championships
Poland 2002

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The opening ceremony was given in three languages


3.5cc Podium
1st Bo Zhao (China), 2nd Philippe Dossin (Belgium)
3rd Arnaud Cardinale (France)


7.5cc Podium
1st Dieter Smeets (Belgium), 2nd Ludo Smeets (Belgium), 3rd Volker Preuss (Germany)


15cc Podium
1st Erich Costa (France), 2nd Sigurd Hauenschild (Germany), 3rd Ludo Smeets (Belgium)


35cc Podium
1st Ronny Riedel (Germany), 2nd Karl-Heinz Noller (Germany) 3rd Cees Van Oostende (Holland)


3.5cc Junior Podium
1st Anton Tchernenko (Russia), 2nd Tibor Toth (Hungary), 3rd Christian Hof (Germany)


7.5cc Junior Podium
1st Damian Villanueva (France), 2nd Kristian Kis (Hungary), 3rd CH (Germany)


15cc Junior Podium
1st Robert Karski (Poland), 2nd Damien Villanuera (France), 3rd Zdenek Zavadil (Czech Republic)