Beauvais International 2006

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3.5cc Podium
1st Romain Weigel
3rd Yvan Costa, 2nd Sebastien Videmont


7.5cc Podium
1st Patrice Chauveaux
3rd Marcel Van Eerden, 2nd Sylvain Petitjean


15cc Podium
1st Erich Costa
3rd Roman Weigel, 2nd Fabian Lopez


Junior trophy winners



Covered pits area very welcome to keep out of the hot sun.


Practice time, drivers could stand on  a raised platform.


Monique Smeets


Leon Morgan and Phillip Fields.


Preparing for the start of the 15cc final


Mental preparation from Erich Costa before
winning the 15cc final.


Steven Kindt helped by Dries Decrouble prepare
for the 15cc final.