(Also known internationally as FSR-V)

What is it ?

Multiracing is the most popular form of model powerboat competition. The format usually consists of 20 or 30 minute races anticlockwise around an M shaped course. The course has a straight of approx 80 to 100 metres and sides of 40 to 50 metres. Each race consists of up to 12 boats at a time which can lead to very exciting close competitions.

There are four different classes for multiracing based on engine size.
They are.......
A class,------ 0 to 3.5cc
B class,------3.51cc to 7.5cc
C class,-----7.51cc to 15cc
All the above classes use methanol powered glowplug type engines.
There is also the SI class, this is for up to 35cc Spark ignition petrol engines.

Every competitor is given a pit number (from 1 to 13) and this is displayed on a 100mm * 150mm vertical plate on their boat.

All competitors in a particular heat are lined up in the pits where they are given approx five minutes to start and test run their boats. When the five minutes are up all engines must be stopped and then a countdown of thirty seconds is given. At the end of the countdown the engines are started the boats launched and the race is underway.

At the end of each circuit the lap is counted by a person operating a mechanical or electronic lap scorer.
At the end of the race, the boat with the most laps is the winner of that particular heat. The top 12 scoring boats in a particular class can then go forward to a final, or the best lap scores from all the heats in a particular class are the winners.
Trophies are normally awarded for the first three places in each class.

from March to October there are many competitions throughout the country. Anyone can enter provided they are a member of the MPBA or an MPBA affiliated club. This membership provides full third party insurance and a full list of all competions.

Typical multiracing boat

Anyone interested in starting in multiracing are welcome to contact me for a chat. Robert Daniel